Thursday Feb 11, 2021

Matthew Harrison

Beautiful Gate Orphanage, Maseru, Lesotho

Beautiful Gate Orphanage

Matthew will share his personal experience with the Beautiful Gate Orphanage. He will also describe the plight of the older orphans in this part of Africa — and describe the PEKA Project.

The PEKA project will provide a home and education for these young people, thus preparing the children to graduate with skills and confidence.

There is an opportunity for Rotarians in Canada to play a significant role in this emerging and moving story.

Beautiful Gate is registered with the Government of Lesotho as a Society not for Gain (Reg. # 2003/68) and are legally accountable to the board of Beautiful Gate Lesotho made up of Basotho and International members. The organisation was started in 2007 and continues to grow.

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