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I was hoping to create a child theme for this site — but was not successful today. The child would allow us to modify or brand this theme with features that may relate only to this club.

Whenever the authors of the theme provide an update, we could implement the update, and our child theme would still contain our modifications.

Child themes are recommended; and the ability to use them is a major feature of WordPress.

Well, I failed. I’ve created several child themes for other sites… but something isn’t working here, and I’ve not figured out what. It may have something to do with the complexity of the parent theme.

Edited to add: I found this note (below) in the main theme’s Cascading Stylesheet file. The child theme uses its own style.css file, but it may be that my child cannot find the correct original…

/*NOTE this stylesheet is empty because we are overriding the stylesheet css in our functions.php file. This is because we are using to compile SCSS into CSS. The resulting stylesheet is in:/rotary-sass/stylesheets/style.css */

Edit #2: I discovered that I should include a functions.php file in the child theme. It took me three or four iterations of a functions.php file to find what actually works. It is 6:50pm and the child is now active and seems to be working. This has taken a long time, and some learning.

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