Front Page Slider & DACdb added

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Today was a 2-1/2 hour session: Denis & Robert using Fuze and screen sharing. In preparation we’d added the sidebar to the front page because it has the Meta widget that provides easy access to the site’s back room. Here is what we did.

Clubrunner hits by statcounter 2011 to 20151. Added Statcounter to the site. We used the account that was set up for Clubrunner at the end of 2011 Curiously, Statcounter reported the Clubrunner hits in 2012 and 2013, but stopped reporting in 2014. This account was also used for the RCBI site that was set up as a demonstration last April. Click to see the full-size graph.

2. Homepage widgets enabled (enabled in preparation for this session).

3. Updated software: WordPress updated to v 4.1.2; theme installed was 3.309, and was updated to 3.311.

4. removed the unused “About” page (we turned it into a draft).

5. A great deal of time was spent trying to activate the front-page-slider. This is a valuable feature of this theme, but its implementation is not obvious or intuitive.  While it is now operational, we may not fully understand how it operates. In creating the sandbox, we learned that the size of the images in the slider should be 415×315 px. Here is what worked. There is a menu heading in the WP Dashboard for Slides. These are the slides for the slider on the front page. When this is working, on the edit page for each slide there is a place to enter the full URL to create a link for the slide, plus a box called Excerpt to add some commentary about the image. We are not clear about all the conditions that need to be aligned for this to work. The following is likely: • there is a static page (not the blog) for the front page, and • the front page is the one called Home, and somehow the ‘featured image’ is enabled. Anything else? It’s not clear.

6. We looked up our club number, it is 83903, and used the account information we received last year to enable DACdb. At this point we are not seeing the members’ directory. We will contact DACdb and complete the contract soon.

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