User Roles that are possible on this site

Posted By Rotary

When looking at the sandbox (the site we set up last year to experiment and demonstrate this software), I see that there are a few administrators, and everyone else in the club actually has a subscriber account. I suspect that that happened last year when I had a trial access to DACdb. For the record, the three admins on the sandbox are Denis, Nancy, and myself. Everyone else is listed as a subscriber.

On this site, although we have begun to implement DACdb, the club members have not been added to the roster of users. So far, there are only three users: Rotary (the admin who created this site — that was a user created by me), Denis (using his real name), and myself (using my real name — it is the account I used to log in to post this article, so my name appears as its author). Each of these users is a full administrator on the site.

The default user roles available at one of these WordPress sites are:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

To understand the capabilities of each of those roles, I found this thoughtful video:


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