Site development 2015 May 5

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Most of the work today involved reviewing our work on this site, exploring the fully functioning Rotary site that is using this Rotary theme at, and thinking through how we should proceed and how the function of this site should dovetail with the organization of the club.

Connecting with DACDB

The main issue that we could not resolve was determining how the Rotary theme hooks into DACdb. The DACdb account has been set up and is working. I can embed code on this site which accesses data from DACdb, the Rotary Membership plugin is installed and activated and that has added Rotary Options to the General Settings page — we’ve selected “Use DacDb for membership? – Yes,” and added our club number and district. Yet, on the page we’ve set up to give members access to membership data, and are using the “Member-Directory” shortcode, the form appears but reports, “No data available in table.” We must be missing something… probably simple. (While I am writing this post, the site announce that there was a new version of the Membership plugin,Version 2.169. I’ve allowed the update and it did not solve the membership issue.)

Speaker Program

At the BBRC site the SPEAKER PROGRAM shows two tabs: Archive and Upcoming Speakers. We can display either of those with a shortcode, but we don’t see how to create those tabs. Not a serious issue, but one we’d like to resolve. It is our plan to add to our archive the years of past speakers.

Other Issues
  • We need to be sure that we’ve thought of ALL of our programs, projects and events. Also we need to decide what to call each. Is there really a difference between a project and an event or program. Which will have a page at this site, and if it doesn’t have a page, how is it recognized? The site associates programs with committees… we need to explore how that is supposed to work. Which of these should be recognized in the slider — and what else. I like something like the current, Rotary Club of Bowen Island + picture of Bowen + welcoming blurb leading to another page.
  • Which page is the one that is associated with the HOME navigation button?
  • What should Become A Member, in the header, link to?
  • At the moment, ABOUT, in the nav bar has 4 pages on the pull-down and one (a fifth) if someone just clicks on ABOUT. Is that appropriate?
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) are working in the footer, but not in the slider — I don’t know why.
  • Recently Jen has been posting our events and meetings in the Community Calendar. This is good for seeming to cooperate with the community, and it may help avoid scheduling conflicts, but we need to seek their permission to embed this on our site.
Thoughts on accountability for site content

While we expect this site to provide members and visitors with a much richer online experience than has been possible, ensuring that there is appropriate and current content is necessary.

  • Public relations issues will likely be managed by the PR Director
  • Programs will likely be managed by the Speaker Coordinator
  • Projects that have their own page will likely be managed by the committee responsible for that project
  • Membership data will likely be managed by the Club Secretary
  • Blog (News & Updates) will be done by the PR Director and invited authors
  • Web Masters: currently Ballantyne & Lynn for this site. There is also:
    • Some thought is necessary for the future of This isn’t just a content issue because currently Google smiles upon it and it can provide an incoming link if it remains active. So, what is to be its role?
    • Ballantyne can continue to post to, but it would be useful if people running programs also posted. We have a pretty good following on the island.
    • Facebook is established and required content.
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