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The problem was that we wanted to have parent menu items on this WordPress site, but we did not want those menu items to lead to an existing page. The only way we knew to make a menu item was to make a page… but then clicking on the menu item would lead to that page. How could we keep the menu item but not the parent page? All we want was the list of child pages for the navigation menu.

Menus ‹ RCBI — WordPress - Parent menu without a pSeveral unhelpful web references talked about deleting the link… but messing with the parent page was impossible.

The Solution

The menu item is not a page! It is a link. Here is how to proceed. Click thumbnails to see full-size.

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus > and open Custom Links.
  2. In the URL field put something generic, like the URL for the site.
  3. In the Link Text field put the name that should appear as the Static Menu Item.
  4. Click Add to Menu.
  5. Drag the new menu item to the right hand column, and then drag to the correct location for it to appear in the menubar.Menus ‹ RCBI — WordPress Static Menu from a Custom Link
  6. In the right hand column, turn the twirly for the new Custom Link.
  7. Erase the contents of the URL field. Edit the Navigation Label if necessary.
  8. Save Menu.
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