Gigabit Internet for Bowen Island

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On June 18th Ken Simpson spoke to The Rotary Club of Bowen Island about what it would take to bring Gigabit Internet to Bowen Islanders.

The event was covered by the Meribeth Deen of the Undercurrent, and her report is online here >>

Former Bowen Islander, Deepak Sahasrabudhe, came from New Westminster for this talk. That city is interested in Gigabit Internet, and Deepak operates a video streaming service. He brought his portable television studio and attempted to stream the event to the Internet. He tried using the local cable, and as a backup he had a Rogers LTE wireless connection. Even after reducing the quality of the transmission to less than Standard Definition, the upload streamed signal from Collins Hall was never adequate.

Nevertheless, Deepak did record the entire talk and the following question-and-answer session. The video is available at the new Bowen Rotary Speaker Archive here >>

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