Site growing pains

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From the public’s point-of-view, this site now has the navigation (menu structure) implemented, and most of the blank pages have a first draft of content. Since no web site is ever complete, we have taken the wraps off and we can now use this site as The Rotary Club of Bowen Island’s main public face.

Today we noticed that the site’s Rotary theme was due for an upgrade, and so were several of the plugins, including Rotary Membership and Post 2 Posts. The theme demanded the installation of Contact Form 7. Today all this has all been done, and the site is up-to-date. This means that all of the items under Customize needed to be redone. I just did that.

A feature of this site is that the members can have access to information about themselves and the other members from the page called Membership Directory. This information is extracted from our online member-database at DACdb. Some aspects of this are not fully functioning. It seems that the theme developers are in the process of making changes to the software, and we will await those updates before trying to remedy the current problem. To our members who are waiting for this to work: please be patient.

As an observation: for this admin (Robert Ballantyne writing) the Rotary Theme is the most elaborate WordPress theme I’ve ever used — in recent years I’ve install several sites based on WordPress. It may be a while before all the capabilities of this site become manifest. You can see that this comment is in the News & Updates section. This section is actually the WordPress blog. An amazing feature of the site is the Speakers Archive. Behind the scenes is an extensive form associated with each speaker and the related event. In effect, this Archive is a fully-functioning special-purpose additional blog at the site.

In addition to the normal site pages of information, there is a whole section for committees and another associated section for projects. We haven’t begun to explore what all of this means.

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