ShelterBox in Nepal (recent videos)

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ShelterBox: Supporting Medicine in Nepal

Video published on Jun 29, 2015. Shortly after the devastating earthquake on 25th April 2015 in Nepal and with response teams working across the country, two of our emergency responders, Nicola Hinda and Mike Peachey set off to assist a small community near Trisuli in Central Nepal who had been struggling to accommodate medical staff since the disaster. The video shows the assistance ShelterBox was able to provide and meet some of the great staff working there.

Filmed by Liv Williams – ShelterBox
Thumbnail Photo by – Liam Norris
With thanks to Raj and Rotaractors for their kind help

ShelterBox: Art Therapy After the Nepal Earthquake

Video published on Jul 2, 2015. As well as providing shelter for families whose homes were lost when powerful earthquakes hit Nepal, some of the ShelterBox aid has been used to create safe spaces for people to recover from the disaster. In Balaju Park in Kathmandu, ShelterBox provided one of the tents to a local children’s art therapy organization that has created a fun, friendly environment where children can overcome the trauma of experiencing the earthquakes.

The space is not only a place where children have the chance to play, sing, dance and draw, but somewhere that they can receive one-on-one therapy too. The ShelterBox tent was given with the specific purpose of providing an area for this therapy to take place and to train up counselors and volunteers who are committed to helping the children overcome their experiences.

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