BowenRotary site update — and major changes!

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As a matter of policy, the site web-masters like to keep the elements of this site up-to-date. That includes the WordPress platform, the plugins, and the current theme. Mercifully, WordPress now updates automatically. Today I (Robert Ballantyne) noticed that the following plugins required updating:

  • Contact Form 7 from V4.2.2 to V4.3
  • Rotary Membership from V2.177 to V2.178
  • TinyMCE Advanced from V4.2.3.1 to V4.2.5

Also, the Rotary theme:

  • Rotary V3.321 to V3.325

All have been updated.

When I checked the site, I was amazed to see some huge changes have been made to the theme. The old green border colours have all been replaced with Rotary blue. I guess that is now consistent with the new Rotary logo, and the instructions for its use — but I admit, I was rather fond of the green. Also, theme upgrade used to require that several of the feature had to be reset as explained in the post, Update Rotary Theme. I’ve not performed a full survey, but it seems that this time-consuming process is now done automatically as part of the update.

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