A Clear, Visible House Number Sign Could Save Your Life

Posted By Sheila Webster

Bowen Rotary has a program to supply Bowen Islanders with house number signs.

  • Your child or other patient is gasping for breath and turning slowly blue,
  • lying on the ground having fallen from a step ladder or down the stairs,
  • blood is everywhere,
  • they have been burned.

Hopefully none of the above will happen to you. However, as we all know life does not always work out that way. What to do?

Call 911 and ask for Emergency Services to help.
After what seems an endless wait you hear the emergency response coming, but then it fades away only to go past a second time and stop two or three houses down. But still nobody is there to help—minutes have been lost in getting help—all because nobody could read a number on your property. That is in the daytime. Letʼs take the same scenario to a rainy night, can your cool and beautiful sign be seen and read in the dark, or at all?

Perhaps the reason it is invisible is one of the following:

  • it’s lying on its back in the dirt
  • it’s hidden by weeds
  • it’s behind flowers
  • it’s behind a bush
  • it’s up a tree
  • it’s too small to be legible from the road
  • it’s tarnished brass and difficult to see
  • it’s one of four or five on a board with nothing on your actual property

And so the search continues.

You know the number of your property and have probably stopped even seeing the number (if you have one up) unless it has fallen or been removed, and perhaps even have a thought in passing that it needs repair or replacement, but it can be done tomorrow.

Rotary home number sign held by President-Elect Ross Patterson

Rotary Home Number Sign held by Rotary President-Elect Ross Patterson

Vertical format

Horizontal format is available upon request

After talking with the Emergency Response teams on the Island The Rotary Club of Bowen Island is launching an initiative to help these services find your home and more importantly help save you and your family.

The Rotary Club of Bowen Island is selling blue and white reflective number signs being 6″ x 24″ with clear 3″ numbers printed both sides, made of the same materials as our street signs, so they will not fade or wash out. They have ready drilled screw holes for installation together with suggested parameters for installing them. Rotary will supply screws/bolts with each sign so that they can be installed on a wooden post or gate. If it is your preference we are also offering a 4′ metal post which is long enough to be anchored 2′ into the ground and with holes drilled to fit the sign.

Any profits from the proceeds of all sales will go to other Rotarian projects. Please consider purchasing for your home and family a REFLECTIVE HOUSE NUMBER SIGN. It could save your life.

Please call Sheila at 604 947 0114 or e-mail sheilawebster@shaw.ca for further information or to place your order.

Thank you.

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