Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter

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Greetings and hola to our fellow Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Bowen Island (RCBI) of District 5040 in British Columbia!
I am Ross Patterson, Past-President of our club. Mail to:
pattersonwoodworks (at)

We are currently fundraising for a small international project to support the Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter in renovating their existing building and furnishing the children’s area. From the attached photos of the renovation site, you will see that some progress is being made but, due to lack of funds, the work is not yet complete. The leader of this project is David Zude, head of the Compassion for the Family organization. David is presently helping to develop a much-needed safe house in Guanajuato, based on their successful Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter model. 

Our Rotary Club on Bowen Island raised US$500 for this project between September and December 2019, and presented this amount to David Zude in December. We are currently raising a further $500 for this project, with the goal of releasing these funds by March 31st of this year. 

Here is how you can help:

We would like to work with you to raise $5000 to complete this worthwhile project, and with teamwork, we can be successful! A donation of $1000 from your club to Compassion for the Family via PayPal or Visa would be awesome. Please email me at the above address to tell me that you are about to do so, and together we will make life better for these abused women and their children.

Did you know that: 75% of women in the Puerto Vallarta region experience domestic violence?     

Many thanks! 

  • Ross
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