Current Status of NERP on Bowen Island

Posted By Robert Ballantyne

On Thursday, December 10, Edward Wachtman described the current status of the Neighbourhood Emergency Response Program (NERP) on Bowen Island. A complete video of his Powerpoint, as well as the question and answer session is available at the Speaker Archive.

In the event of a major emergency, such as extensive power outages (which are often associated with extended severe weather), earthquake, wildfire, etc., the normal first responders — police, fire department, ambulance —  may be unable to manage the plight of many islanders. Neighbourhoods are going to have to develop the capacity to cope. This is the purpose of NERP.

NERP is authorized by Bowen’s Municipal Council. It is entirely run by volunteers. Currently there are 78 volunteers of which 8 are the Core Team. The island is divided into Zones and there are now 11 Zone Coordinators. In addition are are 9 members of the NERP Auxiliary. 

NERP is still being developed on Bowen Island, and there are 5 areas that need further coverage: Tunstall Bay, South Island, Bowen Bay/Bluewater, and Hood Poin/Cates Bay.

For more information, please review the video in the Speaker Archive.

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