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Snug Cove — Just add water

The story of the Rotary Snug Cove Water Fountain is very near to a happy conclusion. The fountain has arrived on Bowen Island, and and you can see it mounted on the wall of Union Steamship Marina at the corner next to the Ice Cream sales window on the boardwalk.

Rotary water fountain on the boardwalk in Snug Cove, Bowen Island

Rotary Water Fountain
on the Snug Cove Boardwalk

Back in the summer of 2020 Bowen Rotary President Damien Bryan was looking for a means to fund a free water supply for people visiting Snug Cove, and especially for those waiting in line for the ferry. There were many issues to resolve including finding a source for the water as well as future on-going maintenance.

You may remember that we ran a successful fundraising program to sell frozen fish that autumn to support this project.

This year, with the support of the Bowen Island Community Foundation, and the help and cooperation of Oydis Nickle of the the Union Steamship Co. Marina Resort, the drinking fountain has been acquired, and will soon be in operation. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making this Rotary project come to fruition.

In January 2023, the new fountain was delivered, unpacked, and mounted on the Marina wall. It is awaiting water hookup, which will happen as soon as the weather warms. And a Rotary Gear symbol will be added at that time.

Rotary Members, please become familiar with the fountain’s location, and spread the word so folks will know that this summer there is a place in Snug Cove to fill their water bottles.

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