Our Club “sold out”  the first Rotary Variety Show on Bowen Island for Saturday 22 November 2014 at Cates Hill Chapel. It was a true variety event that showcased a huge range of Bowen talent. The Show was originally proposed by Bawn Campbell and ably coordinated by Sheena Ashdown with Nancy Joyce as stage manager.

The Show had two acts. Act One began with Carlos Vela-Martinez who sang “Already Home” accompanied by dance students from Perform Art Studios. Bowen poet Jude Neale read several of her touching and funny poems, followed by the young string duo of Nicholas Belluk and Liliana Orlikow, who had us tapping our toes. Finally comic Marylee Stephenson had us giggling with her “Cuddles and Cars” routine.

Act Two began with Graham Ritchie reciting Shakespeare. Then Shari Ulrich thrilled us with her lovely songs, including the poignant “Making Friends With Gone”. Jackie Minns and Bawn Campbell followed with a hilarious skit about a psychiatrist and his new patient. Martin Clarke recited several poems, and we did indeed believe that he was “A Very Sensitive Man”. The Act concluded with Nicole Thomas Zyczynski and Malcolm Shewan playing compositions for piano and pipes.

The Show raised $3,285.00 that was shared by the Africa Village Project and our Club. Our Club thanks the performers, our volunteers, our donors and sponsors including The Snug Cafe, designers of the posters and ads, publicity folks, bar staff, tech guys, and everyone else. Thanks to Phoenix on Bowen for selling ALL those tickets!

Stay tuned to learn about our next Rotary Variety Show!