Bowen Needs Better Street Address Signs

Emergency vehicles have difficulty responding to
calls when they cannot spot the address

If you are interested in obtaining a sign, please write to

Rotarian and RCMP officer Paulo Arreaga caught the attention of Bowen Rotary when he described the difficulty emergency response vehicles have searching for the street addresses on Bowen Island. The solution is to have address signs that are easy to read, visible when approaching from any direction, and are reflective when illuminated at night. Members of Rotary researched this and are now supplying signs that meet all these specifications.

Rotary home number sign held by Past President Ross Patterson

Rotary Home Number Sign held by Rotary Past President Ross Patterson
Vertical format
Horizontal format is available upon request

Bowen Island Fire Chief, Ian Thompson, commented, “The RCMP, the Fire Department, and the Paramedics all need to be able to provide speedy response in an emergency. On many of our streets the address signs are missing, or hidden by vegetation, or invisible at night. Often we know where to go simply because we are familiar with the residents. Our job would be much easier if every address had suitable signage!”

In response to this need, the Rotary Club of Bowen Island is selling blue and white reflective number signs. Each sign is 6 x 24 inches with clear 3-inch numbers, and made of the same materials as our street signs so they will not fade or wash out. They have ready-drilled screw holes for installation together with suggested instructions for installing them. Rotary will supply screws/bolts with each sign so that they can be installed on a wooden post or gate. Also available is a 4-foot metal post which is long enough to be anchored 2-feet into the ground and with holes drilled to fit the sign.

The sign can be ordered in the vertical format with the numbers on both sides (easiest to see when approaching on the street from both directions) and in the horizontal format with the numbers on one side. The cost in either format is $55. An optional 4-foot metal stake is available for $12.

Anyone interested in a sign should contact Bowen Rotary at this email address: Please let us know: 1. the street number that will appear on the sign, 2. if you would like a horizontal format or a vertical format, and 3. if you would like a 4-foot post pre-drilled for the sign. You have the choice of a vertical format (see the picture above) which has the advantage of the numbers appearing on both sides, or horizontal format (number on one side). Payment can be sent by e-transfer to The cost in either format is $55. An optional 4-foot metal stake is available for $12.

All profits from the sale of these street signs will go to support Rotary projects.