Rotary Club Of Bowen Island

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Artisan Eats
539 Artisan Ln, Bowen Island, BC, V0N 1G0
Currently 2nd and 4th Monday, alternating with Zoom

We meet the occasional Monday

Doors open: 7:00 pm

Program: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Speaker Program

Speaker Link Date Program Title Name Job Title/Organization Category
speaker link March 25, 2024 COP28 & Vatican Conference Charles McNeill, PhD Senior Advisor for Climate & Forests
speaker link December 11, 2023 ShelterBox Canada Allyson Buck Rotary and Community Fundraising Coordinator
speaker link November 27, 2023 Health Resiliency Sandy Logan Physiotherapist
speaker link July 11, 2023 Preserve and Protect while Preparing for the Futur... Judith Gedye Councillor, Island Trustee
speaker link June 26, 2023 Mining and the Environment Ross Beaty Founder & President
speaker link February 13, 2023 The Resilience Institute Lieven Callewaert Social Architect
speaker link January 16, 2023 Discover the Howe Sound Biosphere Hasan Hutchinson, PhD Board Treasurer/Director
speaker link November 14, 2022 Pauline Le Bel finds Bowen Pauline Le Bel Author, screenwriter, songwriter, singer, community organizer
speaker link October 24, 2022 Food Resilience Society on Bowen Island Phil Gregory Author, Pathway to Regeneration
speaker link October 17, 2022 Alex Kurial — Bowen Island Perspectives Alex Kurial Editor
speaker link September 26, 2022 Uri Burstyn — Youtube Sensation Uri Burstyn Veterinary Surgeon
speaker link July 25, 2022 An Evening with Spider Robinson Spider Robinson Author
speaker link May 23, 2022 What On Earth — Climate Change Manusha Janakiram Senior Producer, What On Earth
speaker link April 11, 2022 Ukrainian Easter Eggs Lynn Krukowkski Pysanky writer
speaker link March 28, 2022 Climate Change Charles McNeill Senior Advisor — Forest & Climate
speaker link February 7, 2022 Being the Mayor of Bowen Island Gary Ander Mayor
speaker link January 24, 2022 Rotary Peace Fellowship Gloria Staudt District 5040 Chair — Rotary Peace Fellowship
speaker link January 10, 2022 PEKA Project Progress Matthew Harrison Project Champion
speaker link November 22, 2021 Bowen Island Playscapes Kendra Patton Principal
speaker link October 14, 2021 Human sex trafficking and sexual exploitation Cathy Peters
speaker link September 16, 2021 All about B.I.R.C.H. Robyn Fenton Executive Director
speaker link July 29, 2021 The Snug Cove House Story Graham Ritchie Chair, Snug Cove House Society Board
speaker link May 27, 2021 Bowen Island Administration Liam Edwards CAO
speaker link May 13, 2021 The Sports Medicine Perspective Jack Taunton Professor Emeritus
speaker link April 29, 2021 PEKA Project / Beautiful Gate — Lesotho Peter and Lindiwe Kirstein Directors
speaker link March 25, 2021 Ethical Foraging on Bowen Island Emily van Lidth de Jeude
speaker link March 11, 2021 Bowen Island Emergency Support Services (ESS) Jayne McMillan
speaker link February 25, 2021 Terminal Creek Hatchery on Bowen Tim Pardee
speaker link February 11, 2021 Beautiful Gate Orphanage Matthew Harrison
speaker link January 28, 2021 New Waterfront Park at Cape Roger Curtis Owen Plowman
speaker link January 14, 2021 Magdalena — River of Dreams Wade Davis
speaker link December 10, 2020 Neighbourhood Emergency Response Program (NERP) Edward Wachtman Lead Coordinator
speaker link November 26, 2020 Herring Enhancement Programme Mike Price Spokesperson
speaker link November 12, 2020 The End of Polio in Our Lifetime Gabor Gasztonyi Polio Chair
speaker link October 29, 2020 The underwater realm of Atl’ka7tsem / Howe S... Adam Taylor President
speaker link July 30, 2020 The Kissing Fence Brian Thomas-Peter Author
speaker link March 12, 2020 Mount Gardner Trails Chuck Venhuizen
speaker link February 27, 2020 Planning a house for the next 50 years Kim Hauner Director
speaker link February 13, 2020 Shapeshifting in the sustainability field Adrianne Gilbride Supply Chain Sustainability Lead
speaker link January 23, 2020 Ron Woodall Looks at Bowen Island Ron Woodall Artist / Photographer / Cartoonist / Observer
speaker link January 9, 2020 Building Community Resilience From the Bottom Up Dave Pollard
speaker link December 12, 2019 Everything about Recycling & Composting Daniel Rotman
speaker link November 21, 2019 Securing Your Electronic Life Dwayne Matthews Principal
speaker link November 14, 2019 District Governor Bala Naidoo visit to Bowen Rotar... Bala Naidoo
speaker link October 24, 2019 Choice Okanagan Wines for the Holiday Season Paul Rickett
speaker link October 17, 2019 RCBI club dinner Ross Patterson
speaker link October 10, 2019 Bowen Rotary Project Planning 2019–2020 Adam Holbrook RCBI Board Member
speaker link September 26, 2019 Discover the North Shore Restorative Justice Socie... Anne-Marie Parent Schools Initiative Program Manager
speaker link September 12, 2019 The Bowen Island Health Centre Foundation Tim Rhodes & Colleen O'Neil
speaker link August 29, 2019 No Meeting Thursday 29th No Meeting Aug 29th
speaker link August 22, 2019 Yvonne McSkimming PhD Yvonne McSkimming PhD
speaker link November 29, 2018 Virtual and Augmented Reality Jason Campbell 3D City Modeler
speaker link July 19, 2018 “ The Oceanic Food Chain”:
Microplastics in...
Peter S Ross, PhD Vice-President of Research
speaker link July 12, 2018 “I only want to eat local” Is it a via... Damien Bryan
speaker link January 25, 2018 Avionics, Medicine, Life and Death Peter Matthews
speaker link January 18, 2018 Bowen Rotary at Tuscany Restaurant Tuscany Restaurant
speaker link December 14, 2017 Is sustainability still optional or is it now a ne... Jae Mather Executive Director
speaker link November 30, 2017 The last and future solar eclipses Robert J Ballantyne
speaker link November 23, 2017 The Tour of the MV Swell Carol Mackinnon
speaker link September 14, 2017 Sri Lanka – The Great Tsunami J. Adam Holbrook, P.Eng Associate Director and Adjunct Professor
speaker link September 7, 2017 Bowen Rotary Board Meeting Ross Patterson, Chair
speaker link August 31, 2017 Russia 2016 — Part 1 Denis Lynn Visiting Professor
speaker link August 24, 2017 No Meeting Aug 24 No Speaker
speaker link August 17, 2017 Bowen Rotary Social S. McCall Social Organizer
speaker link August 10, 2017 The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 Robert J Ballantyne
speaker link August 3, 2017 Club Board Meeting Ross Patterson, Chair
speaker link July 27, 2017 Your Healthy Brain Stephen Kiraly Bowen Island geriatric psychiatrist
speaker link February 25, 2016 Nepal post-earthquakes Kate Coffey
speaker link January 28, 2016 RenegAID – Innovative Disaster Relief Bjorn Stime
speaker link January 14, 2016 Bowen In Transition — Building a Resilient Commu... Carol MacKinnon
speaker link December 10, 2015 Reneg Aid Bjorn Stime
speaker link December 3, 2015 Visit by Rotary District 5040 Governor 2015-2016 John Anderson
speaker link November 26, 2015 Climate Reality James Glave Principal
speaker link November 19, 2015 Syrian refugee family settlement supported by Bowe... Lisbeth Haigh
speaker link November 5, 2015 Bowen Rotary Business Meeting Shelagh MacKinnon President
speaker link October 29, 2015 Publishing an eBook vs. Paper Publishing Robert Ballantyne
speaker link October 22, 2015 Rotary International Student Exchange Sue Godey Chair — District 5040 Youth Exchange Committee 2015-2016
speaker link October 1, 2015 Rotary Foundation and the North Vancouver Museum Donald J. Evans Rotarian — District Governor 2017 – 18
speaker link September 24, 2015 Shelterbox Canada Chris Loat
speaker link September 10, 2015 Rotary Peace Scholarships Gloria Tom Wing Staudt Rotary Club administrator and past president
speaker link July 30, 2015 Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan Lauryn Oates
speaker link July 23, 2015 Bowen Rotary Social Rotary Social
speaker link July 16, 2015 Vanuatu — Still Smiling! Fineen Davis Vanuatu Volunteer
speaker link July 2, 2015 No Meeting on Thursday, July 2, 2015 No Meeting on July 2 (No venue)
speaker link June 18, 2015 Gigabit Internet for Bowen Island Ken Simpson Gigabit Bowen Proponent
speaker link June 11, 2015 Walt Ruloff talks about Amicus Walt Ruloff
speaker link May 28, 2015 Darcie Buzzelle and Tim Rhodes Tim Rhodes
speaker link May 14, 2015 Ross Patterson talks of travels Ross Patterson
speaker link April 16, 2015 Kate Coffey Kate Coffey