Monday Jul 25, 2022

Spider Robinson


An Evening with Spider Robinson

Introduced by: Robert Ballantyne

It is hard to say what will happen on Monday evening, July 25, at 7:30 PM. Our guest speaker will be Spider Robinson.

Spider might do a reading from one of his many publications.

Spider might relate some of the true anecdotes from his amazing life and adventures. He is a wonderful raconteur.

Spider might play his guitar and sing — but I doubt it. He is an accomplished entertainer, but complains that he hasn’t practiced lately and his fingers have lost their callouses.

Spider might answer your questions — because he can, and he has a way of making the simple become fascinating.

I have a reason to suspect that he likes living on Bowen Island because in 2004 he published, Very Bad Deaths. While local Islanders often complain about the problems of traveling on our ferry, the protagonist in the tale says, “…to ride a ferry to any of the Howe Sound islands is to take a magical mystery tour through a place of timeless beauty so large that no lens will ever capture it, and so poignant that no heart will ever forget it.”

Whatever happens on July 25th, I know it will be entertaining.

Much more about Spider at his website:


Time: Monday, July 25, 2022

Virtual doors open about 7:15 PM for a few moments of informal time, and to sort out technical issues. Please arrive early

The meeting begins at 7:30 PM

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