Monday Feb 7, 2022

Gary Ander

Mayor Bowen Island Municipality

Being the Mayor of Bowen Island

Please join our Rotary meeting and discover everything about the life of the current Mayor of Bowen Island. Gary Ander has been the Mayor for 3 years is going to talk about what the job entails.

Elected to serve on Council 7 years Ander currently serves on 7 civic committees, the board of Smoothstones, Helping Hands (a Bowen Foundation offshoot) and he has been President of the South Bowen Community Association for over 20 years.

Gary is a collaborative team player and natural leader. He feels very strongly that through this period of growth we must be very cautious to not lose what makes Bowen — BOWEN. A measured approach, that above all else maintains the sanctity of our precious, natural Bowen Island and the caring, passionate community within.

This evening will be an enlightening interview with our esteemed mayor. Of course there will be an opportunity for questions and maybe some discussion. All are welcome.


Time: Monday, Feb 7, 2022 07:15 PM

Virtual doors open about 7:15 PM for a few moments of informal time

The meeting begins at 7:30 PM

Please use the following security protocol:

  • Each participant will arrive in a waiting room and will be admitted by President Hilary Butler. No password is required.
  • Please use your full real name.
  • If President Hilary does not know you personally, please call her in advance and introduce yourself at (604) 947-2315 so you may be admitted to the meeting.

Use the Zoom application to participate:

Meeting ID: 892 7855 3916



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