Thursday Jan 9, 2020

Dave Pollard

Bowen in Transition

Building Community Resilience From the Bottom Up

Dave Pollard is co-founder of Bowen in Transition and a member of the international Transition Movement. Since 2010 Bowen in Transition has developed many programs to facilitate community resilience on Bowen Island. In his very engaging and stimulating talk, Dave described each of the programs as well as the philosophy and relevance of the Transition Movement.

After only a decade of action on Bowen Island, Bowen in Transition has initiated an impressive list of projects.

  1. Fix it Fairs — spring & fall
  2. Sustainability Tours — biennial
  3. Fact-finding Tours: Salt Spring, Gabriola, Lasqueti
  4. Energy Audits/ Thermal Camera Rental
  5. Climate Action on Bowen — video series
  6. Food Resilience (BIFS): Diagnostic, regenerative agriculture & soil remediation program: research & analysis
  7. Canning & preserving workshops
  8. Tree-planting project
  9. Permaculture training — annual workshop
  10. Bowen Solar Initiative (BSI) (solar panels & heat pumps)
  11. Community Investment Co-op (CIC)
  12. Bowfest Information Booth
  13. Future Forward Film Series
  14. Sustainability Photography Exhibit
  15. Hear & Soul / Inner Transition
  16. Solstice/Equinox Celebrations
  17. Green Guide revisions (
  18. Gift/Sharing Circle — annual
  19. Monthly Potlucks with resilience guest speakers / mini-workshops
  20. Awareness: Facebook page, Undercurrent articles, newsletter
  21. Charitable Status
  22. Community Currency Project (on hiatus)
  23. Natural Building Project (on hiatus)
  24. Homebuilder’s Video Series

For current information about Bowen in Transition, visit the Facebook page:

To read more about Dave Pollard, visit is very popular blog: How To Save The World.

To find out more about the Transition Movement, visit the Transition Network.


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