Thursday Nov 26, 2015

James Glave

Principal Glave Communications

Climate Reality

We hear it on the news and see it in the headlines: climate change is transforming our seasons and our planet. But in between all the chatter, it can be hard to know what climate change actually means for our daily lives, and what we can do to solve it. That’s where the Climate Reality Leadership Corps comes in.

Climate Reality Leaders are personally trained by former vice president Al Gore to share the truth about what climate change is doing to our world and how we can stop it by shifting to clean, renewable energy.

This past summer, along with 600 others, James Glave received training from Mr. Gore on how to deliver and narrate this 30-45 minute presentation.

In this, his first presentation, James translated climate science and policy into the language of everyday life, to convey how climate change directly affects us, and how we can join the millions worldwide who are working for solutions.

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