Monday Nov 27, 2023

Sandy Logan

Physiotherapist Bowen Island Wellness Centre

Health Resiliency

Sandy Logan Bowen Island Physiotherapist

Sandy Logan
Bowen Island Physiotherapist

In this evening with Bowen Rotary, Sandy Logan plans to foster a conversation around health resiliency for the individual as well as on a community wide scale.

Sandy notes that our healthcare system is going through a major upheaval. She says it would be great to discuss strategies for optimizing our health going forward and develop action plans for implementing these ideas.

During this presentation Sandy will be talking about the physical: strength, flexibility, power generation, balance.  As time allows the conversation may also look at sleep; mental health: social isolation and accessibility issues.

This event will be at Artisan Eats. The doors open about 7 PM. The meeting starts at 7:30. All islanders are invited. There is no charge.

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