Thursday Jul 12, 2018

Damien Bryan

“I only want to eat local” Is it a viable wish?

Damien Bryan, General Manager, Discovery Organics

Damien Bryan

General Manager
Discovery Organics

As the General Manager of Discovery Organics, Damien Bryan is intimately involved with the sources of the food we eat.

Discovery Organics is dedicated to the small scale growers, family farms and agricultural co-ops. Damien has visited dozens of farms across B.C., working with growers to see them move to larger and more financially sustainable operations.

Damien feels encouraged by the impressive increase in consumer demand for certified organic fruit and vegetables.

Discovery Organics also acknowledges that we can’t grow our own food year-round. Even more so now, as our climate changes, no harvest is a safe bet.

Over the years, Discovery Organics has extended their relationships with small scale farmers to include farms down the Pacific Coast, through Washington, Oregon and California, then on to Mexico and South America. Together, this network of growers keep those of us in British Columbis fed, year round.

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