Thursday Dec 10, 2020

Edward Wachtman

Lead Coordinator The Bowen Island Neighbourhood Emergency Response Program (NERP)

Neighbourhood Emergency Response Program (NERP)

On December 10, 2020, Edward Wachtman described how Bowen Island is preparing neighbourhoods to be able to cope with a major disaster using the Neighbourhood Emergency Response Program (NERP).

NERP is a collaborative, grassroots, volunteer program to encourage emergency reparation and assist neighbours to support one another when outside help is unavailable.

NERP’s premise is straightforward: In a major disaster — such as an earthquake, severe weather event, wildfire etc. — the Province and the Municipality are unlikely to have the resources to come to our immediate aid. First responders—fire, ambulance, police
etc.—who normally provide help, will be dealing with the seriously injured and critical infrastructure repair.

The most immediate assistance will have to come from those around us, our neighbours. NERP’s role is to ensure our neighbourhoods are prepared to do this.

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