Thursday Feb 25, 2016

Kate Coffey

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (located 1.5 hours east of Kathmandu)

Nepal post-earthquakes

Kate Coffey

Kate Coffey

On April 28th and May 12th 2015 respectively, Nepal endured two magnitude 7 earthquakes that rocked Nepal to its core. The devastation was significant. Over 8,600 died, 2.8 million were displaced from their collapsed homes, 16,800 were injured of which up to 300 suffered a spinal cord injury.

Kate Coffey will share her story of her work at Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Centre (SIRC). She will relate how SIRC, situated in the Saanga hills, stepped up to the plate, took a seat among coordinating bodies (WHO, UN), and lead the charge on rehabilitation policy for Nepal whilst providing rehabilitation to over 170 SCI patients to enable them to reintegrate back into society. All this was accomplished while a Blockade underway that restricted fuel, food and medications.

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