Monday Nov 14, 2022

Pauline Le Bel

Author, screenwriter, songwriter, singer, community organizer

Pauline Le Bel finds Bowen

Pauline Le Bel

Pauline Le Bel
portrait by Ron Woodall

…and discovers her role as an artist in the community. Pauline had been a fulltime artist (singer, actor, writer) before moving to Bowen Island/Nexwlélexwm almost 24 years ago. As she fell madly in love with her new home, the mountains, the sea, the forests, the people inspired her to find ways to use her work as an artist to enhance the life of the community.

Pauline’s presentation included reminiscences of past, present and future projects on the island and elsewhere; a song or two she wrote about the island, and readings from among her four books.

Pauline wrote and produced an enduring musical, Voices in the Sound, that for many residents captured the history, legend and magic of the island. It was performed in the meadow of Crippen Park in 2005 and 2006. The musical was part of a festival she organized to celebrate the island, to honour the past and dream the future. You may watch Pauline’s musical here at her Youtube channel >> Voices In The Sound.

And here is the recording of our evening with Pauline Le Bel:




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