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Matthew Harrison

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PEKA Project Progress

Major new fundraiser on February 12

An Evening of Scenes from Shanley — A benefit for the Peka Project of Lesotho

10 television stars will read scenes for award-winning screen writer, John Patrick Shanley.
The event is over, but you may still contribute. Click for details.


Lesotho is a deeply suffering country, afflicted by overwhelming poverty (2 in 5 people live on less than $1 a day) and extreme disease (over 1 in 4 people are HIV positive). In a nation of 1.9 million people, there are an estimated 300,000 orphaned children (approx 15% of the total population)

Beautiful Gate Orphanage successfully gives many children in Lesotho the opportunity to be more than just one of these statistics. They strive to give them the opportunity to be children…and give them a chance at life, ultimately hoping to reunite them with local families, or finding them adopted “forever families” abroad.

However, the orphanage is at capacity and only mandated to take care of children up to the age of six. After that age, the children are forced into the broken Lesotho foster care system, where they very often end up a victim of human trafficking or child labour.

Beautiful Gate 2 (PEKA) is an answer to this horrific system. Through generous donations, Beautiful Gate was able to acquire 33 acres of prime land in Peka, Northern Lesotho: a big enough property to accommodate a new child/youth care center. BGL 2 will be a farm, school, and home to cater to children 6-18 years old with 20% dedicated to focused care and development for children with special needs.

BGL 2 is a chance to give some of the children and youth of Lesotho a safe and loving environment to grow up, learn, and develop the skills to become productive and flourishing young adults. BGL 2 is a way to give the un-adopted children of Lesotho a chance at a successful, healthy, and happy life…and a way for them to help re-invest and build their country.

The Future

BGL 2 will be:

  • a farm, raising crops for consumption and for sale. The farm will provide a practical skill training opportunity for the young residents – a way to educate the children in the skills of farming and agriculture management.
  • a special needs facility, catering to children with special disabilities both living on the campus and from the local communities.
  • a community, offering the stability, security, and connection these children desperately require.
  • a home, giving these children/youth an idyllic countryside setting in which to play, grow, and prosper.
  • a non-profit organization that has direct ties to local government bodies that work together for the betterment of its people.
Building the fence

Building the fence around the 33 acre site of the PEKA Project
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With a partnership with Rotary International and the awarding of a district grant, $35 000 (Canadian dollars) was raised to fence the entire property. Construction of the fencing was completed in December, 2021.


PURPOSE: water supply is the first requirement in pre-phase construction, for: mixing of mortar, concrete, clean-up, hydration of labour, etcetera. We are currently raising approximately $15 000 (Canadian dollars) for equipment and drilling of the borehole with accompanying tanks and pump.


With fencing and water in place, the next step is to drive electricity to the property. The total cost of this phase is approximately $100 000 (Canadian dollars).

Fence Gate - PEKA Project

The new Gate and Fence for the PEKA Project in Lesotho


With fencing, water, and electricity and a permanent security guard and guard shack, construction of the permanent buildings of the home and farm can commence!



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