Thursday Nov 21, 2019

Dwayne Matthews

Principal Matthews IT Consulting

Securing Your Electronic Life

We read about how many great firms and government departments suffer security breaches because they have failed to provide adequate cypersecurity for their data and computer systems. We all struggle to maintain a list of passwords for our own personal equipment and online services.

If you have ever wondered how vulnerable you really are, and what you need to do to secure your personal systems, on November 21st, 2019, Dwayne Matthews described the best and most up-to-date methods you should be using to defend your electronic systems.

He left us with lots of valuable resources for us to solve our problems and set up appropriate protection and procedures.

Dwayne’s Recommendations

Below are the links to the videos and the New York Times do it yourself article I was recommending:

Videos I recommend:

Have I Been PWNED?


Managing Passwords, everyone’s struggling with them

  • Document your accounts  – ALL of them!
  • A “good”, complex password?
  • Change  minimum YEARLY
  • COMPLEX:  > 8  characters…  Combination of a phrase or root word, UPPER & lower case, numbers ,  & where possible a special character (& ! # @ $ etc)
  • Password managers?  Maybe….  Best are LastPass, DashLane, 1Password, Keeper Security,  & Bitwarden… (Digital review 2019), Norton ok

Multi-factor authentication (2-step verification)

  • Emailed or Texted codes,
  • Authenticator apps  (Microsoft, Google, …)
  • Dongles…

What sites  support 2-step verification?

Multi-factor authentication – How do I set it up?

Antivirus & Security suites

  • Windows Defender
  • Norton Security
  • Sophos
  • Malware Bytes
  • BitDefender 



Dwayne Matthews


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