Thursday Jan 28, 2016

Bjorn Stime

RenegAID – Innovative Disaster Relief

Bjorn will give a brief overview of RenegAID – Innovative Disaster Relief – a Washington State non-profit organization borne out of response efforts by independent, self-funded and mobile volunteers who were keen to pay attention to the needs of survivors, and to not blindly advocate an outside vision for what needed to be done.

The organization has focused on listening and learning in order to articulate and advocate for a vision of disaster response that is committed to putting survivors needs first.

The session will then transition to facilitating a fun exercise, Vision Village, that provides a creative opportunity to imagine – through drawing and mapping on paper in groups – the Utopian worlds that we’re all working working toward in our local and international work, as well as an opportunity for more deeply exploring advocacy, power struggles and collective action to uphold the dignity and respect we all seek. Our discussion will touch on themes of sustainable development, colonialism & hegemony, and autonomy vs. paternalism.

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