Thursday Nov 19, 2015

Lisbeth Haigh

Syrian refugee family settlement

Syrian refugee family settlement supported by Bowen Island

At the meeting in Collins Hall on Thursday, November 19, Lisbeth Haigh spoke to Bowen Rotary about the plan for Bowen Island to facilitate and support a Syrian refugee family settling in Canada.

Lisbeth knows that the capacity of Bowen Island as a community is great, however the existing infrastructure is not. It is with this in mind, that her group has decided to work with St. Andrew’s Wesley United Church in Vancouver. Wesley United has the capacity, the resources, and the expertise to sponsor a family’s transition to Canada.

Lisbeth comments, “We will be a community in spirit. We have developed a campaign to raise the funds that are required by the federal government to sponsor a refugee family.”

On December 1 Lisbeth and her group will launch the 30/30 Club. Bowen Island is going to raise $30,000 in 30 days!

There will be a volunteer meeting for anyone who wants to pitch in on November 21 at 3pm. The meeting location is the office space above Artisan Eats. Folks who have questions are welcome to contact Lisbeth Haigh at

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