Thursday Nov 12, 2020

Gabor Gasztonyi

Polio Chair Rotary District 5040 (includes Bowen Island)

The End of Polio in Our Lifetime

Gabor Gasztonyi, Polio Chair for Rotary District 5040

Gabor Gasztonyi
Polio Chair for Rotary District 5040

This meeting will be held on Zoom, Nov. 12 at 7:30pm. You are welcome to arrive a few minutes early..

To join the Zoom Meeting go to:
Meeting ID: 831 1509 8947
Note: there will be a waiting room. To enter the meeting  will need to be identified by Club President Hilary. If you are unknown to Hilary, call her in advance at (604) 947-2315.

Gabor Gasztonyi is dedicated member of Rotary. He is currently the Polio Chair for District 5040 and is keenly interested in Rehabilitation for Polio Victims particularly in Ethiopia. He is also interested in promoting accessibility for Rotary meeting places.

Gabor has travelled extensively as part of his research to document the massive organization and work on the ground to achieve the end of polio by vaccinating all of the world’s vulnerable populations.

Gabor will share his findings and his adventures. He will also chart the way forward to the day when we will see a world that is free from polio.

Gabor is familiar with this terrible disease — he is a survivor of polio.

Join us on November 12, at 7:30 PM on Zoom, to meet and talk with Gabor and hear his story. Watch this space to see how to participate.

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