Thursday Jul 30, 2020

Brian Thomas-Peter


The Kissing Fence

Brian Thomas-Peter has written a deeply moving and engrossing historical novel, Thebook cover - The KISSING FENCE Kissing Fence, published by Caitlin Press this spring.

Did you miss the Bowen Rotary meeting of July 30, or would you like to revisit the presentation of The Kissing Fence by Brian Thomas-Peter?

The Zoom recording of the meeting is now posted at:
Guest speaker: Brian Thomas-Peter

The Kissing Fence explores the Doukhobor experience in B.C., beginning in the 1950s.

All Canadians who heard the news  on September 9, 1953, remember the shocking stories about the RCMP raid on the Doukhobor community of Perry Siding in the Kootenays. This event is seminal to Brian’s story. The police were enforcing a law prohibiting public nudity that was passed in 1931. The Dukhobors were using nakedness to express their opposition to military conscription and to public schooling for their children.

The scope of the story includes life in and around Vancouver as well as in the remote Kootenays.

Jenny Penberthy has written a compelling review and introduction to The Kissing Fence in the April 16th edition of the Bowen Island Undercurrent.

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