Thursday Nov 30, 2017

Robert J Ballantyne

Ballantyne & Associates

The last and future solar eclipses

Robert returns to Bowen Rotary to report on what happened during the spectacular total eclipse of the sun on August 21, 2017.

He is now planning for a future eclipse, and he will share his thoughts about how to plan to observe a solar eclipse. Robert has traveled to observe 7 solar eclipses, and promises that these are the greatest shows in our solar system.

At this talk, he revealed his prediction for the best location to observe an upcoming eclipse.

Visitors to this page can see the short video Robert produced and is on Vimeo. Please don’t copy or embed this copyright material. The password is Malal2020

Robert is a showman himself, having produced shows for three major planetariums in Canada. In 1979 he was the co-host of the CBC live coverage of the total eclipse that was centred on Winnipeg. CBC Eclipse Magic 1979

This will be an illustrated presentation.


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